The information on this page is designed to help our time together go as smoothly as possible and to avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings. Regard for hygiene is very important to me, as I will always be freshly showered and dressed to impress. I do also expect that you will have the same regard for cleanliness. Safety is very important to me as well ;) Please do not discuss envelopes, packages, fees, rates, money or anything of the sort. I assure you I will have no knowledge of what you are speaking of and I will have to excuse myself from our time together. Any gifts/ donations you have for me must be placed in plain unsealed envelope in the restroom or plain sight at the beginning of our time together. Lastly, any lewd references to sexual acts will cause our meeting to be terminated immediately.  Also, I have never been one to rush but please respect our time together as I will yours as well.